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JANUARY 15, 2016 -

VersaShield MBX Now Protects Up to 99.5% RH!

MAY 23, 2016 -

HUGE thanks to Starnet for naming the Pediatric Dental Care project in Fairfax, VA a bronze winner in healthcare. Click here to read VersaShield's role in protecting their little patients from moisture under the new sheet vinyl floor.

DECEMBER 2, 2015 -

Mold control and prevention are important criteria when choosing a moisture remediation method for concrete slabs, refer to these guidelines when mold remediation is needed.


OCTOBER 28, 2015 -

CEO Mark Chichak comments on VersaShield’s quick and cost-effective installation where high moisture remediation is needed in occupied spaces. See the VersaShield team in action at Starnet’s Fall Meeting in Floor Covering News!


JULY 1, 2015 -

VersaShield 95 & MBX Now Approved for Ceramic Tile! Click here for more details and specific installation instructions.

MAY 30, 2015 -

VersaShield's Jennifer Chambers discusses how to avoid potential moisture issues in Chain Store Age Flooring Solutions: Preventing & Correcting Potential Problems.


MAY 1, 2015 -

Read up on how moisture issues in concrete slabs arise by our very own Jennifer Chambers in Chain Store Age!


MARCH 6, 2015 -

Congratulations to Jennifer Chambers, VersaShield National Accounts Manager, on being selected to the SPECS 2016 Advisory Board.


DECEMBER 15, 2014 -

“Floored by VersaShield” Videos Offer Expertise.


NOVEMBER 7, 2014 -

VersaShield Rolled Moisture Barrier saves the day at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion.


OCTOBER 15, 2014 -

Halex Corporation and its affiliates introduce the NEW!

AUGUST 20, 2014 -

Halex Offers Powerhold Winner a Harley or Cash!


Moisture causes over $1 billion in flooring damage each year. VersaShield Rolled Moisture Barrier protects against moisture in concrete, and it is very cost effective. Its fiberglass-reinforced membrane is a superior alternative for moisture remediation at high RH (relative humidity) sites.


VersaShield makes installation quick and easy, unlike most moisture mitigation methods, which require days of downtime for prep, application, and curing. VersaShield 95 protects against moisture in concrete slabs up to 95% RH and VersaShield MBX protects up to 99.5% RH.


Address moisture-related flooring problems and be back in business the next day with no downtime.


• Save days of installation time

• Slash up to half the total cost



VersaShield: Install today. In business tomorrow.